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At YCollab, we are about co-creating a positive community for young people living in South-West Sydney and helping them to develop positive social impact through grassroots initiatives.

Through the creative minds of our community and volunteers, check out some of our past work!
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our safe space

We currently host a Safe Space in culturally-rich South-West Sydney for LGBTQIA+ young people aged 18-25 to connect with a community that embraces them for all facets of who they are!

This space was developed through the feedback of youth living in our community seeking social connection in a welcoming, accessible environment that acknowledges the intersections of living in this area as a Queer person.
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community consultations

We work in collaboration with other organisations to consult our community about issues that matter most to them.

In the past, we have hosted a climate talk with Intrepid Landcare and Sydney Alliance, as well as supported Democracy in Colour on the Migration with Dignity campaign.

kitchen co-lab

Kitchen Co-lab was the first project created by The Youth Co-Lab (now known as Ycollab). Our collaborative project aimed to culturally and linguistically-diverse communities together in South West Sydney. We invited home cooks from across the community to share their recipes and retell their experiences of living in Australia

From 2019 to 2021, Kitchen Co-Lab has traveled across 5 countries, collaborated with 8 amazing cooks and organisations, cooked 9 cultural dishes, engaged over 100 participants, and been inspired by countless stories.

Through the ethos of “food brings people together," our project united people across the community to share and enjoy traditional food and intercultural dialogue.

tea talks

Tea Talks was a pitch event that aimed to help young people address stigmas about South-West Sydney through collaborative table discussions and pitch presentations.

It was a platform for young people to address collective issues that matter to them in a community setting.

This even was first hosted in 2019 with guest speakers such as The Daily Hustle, Edify and 2165 Segments to share their experience in working to make a difference in their community.

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Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Darug, Eora, Dharawal and Wiradjuri peoples who have nurtured the land we live, play and work on. Sovereignty has never been ceded.
Creating positive change we want to see in South-West Sydney. By young people, for young people.